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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  December 23, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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do something. [ speaking in tagalog ] please, you've got to help him. you've got to heal him. he's having a seizure. i can't...i can't do it. don't give up. you can't stop. he'll die if you stop. i'm sorry. i'm sorry.
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[ speaking in tagalog ] escobar, you have to come with me. let me go. i know what you are. i know you're working with that woman. i'm not. i'm here to help you. if you want to wait around and ask her, she'll be here soon. if you want to live, you'll come with me. [ sobbing ] i can't give you much. for one thing, i don't think the diamond is real. well, then, i guess frankie fingers was wrong about you. what about frankie fingers? he said you were a stand-up guy and not a cheat, and here you are telling me that this rock isn't real. why didn't you say up front you were a friend of frankie's? frankie was like a son to me. of course i'm going to give you a good price. you don't seem that broken up about the death of your "son." he had a good run. that's all any of us can expect. in fact, it's been almost 10 years to the day that frankie broke his string of bad luck, but for the last 10 years, he's been the best damn jewel thief in vancouver. 10 years, huh? hmm.
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you think someone killed him for his anniversary present? i don't know who did it, but i won't be surprised if it was the same guy who was in here a couple of days ago asking about frankie. what guy? never seen him before. good-looking guy, early thirties maybe, but talked soft, real soft, but i could smell it on him. smell what? he was a killer. they smell like death. i gave up. i gave up on the boy. i'll never forgive myself if he dies. what's wrong with him? a hemangioma, a tumor in his liver. i could see it, but i just couldn't grasp it. i don't know why. you're losing your powers. it happens in the last 48 hours. 48 hours-- that's when she found me. a collector always makes contact at the 48-hour mark. the devil arranges it that way so he can watch the client squirm for the last two days. i only wanted to help. now derla santos is dead, and that boy-- you didn't kill derla santos. sofia did. because of me. for a year now, i've been moving from one filipino community
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to another, trading people my services, asking them to hide me for a few days or a week, trying to save my skin. if i'd only thought of derla instead of myself, she'd be alive. derla's fate was never in your hands. you were already losing your powers by the time you started operating on her, but you have helped others, and you've got to remember that. that counts for something. i saw sofia's phone. your time runs out about 1:30 this morning, which means we still have six hours to work on your redemption. can you tell me what led you to make your deal? i was...a medical doctor in manila, a real surgeon... but i killed somebody on the operating table. stupid mistake.
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i was close to suicide over it, but i remembered these stories my mother used to tell when i was younger, about these psychic surgeons in the villages, surgeons who could cure anybody with their hands. i really wished i could do that... so i'd never have to touch another scalpel... so i could make up for it. i guess the devil heard my wish. i'm sorry. i haven't slept in two days, haven't eaten since yesterday. i'll get you something to eat.
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felino... come out, come out, wherever you are.
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where is he? where's escobar? have you reconsidered my proposal? i'm going to find my client, and when i'm done with him, he's going to be begging to go early. listen to yourself. you had human feelings once, but now you're just a monster. is this who you want to be for all eternity? i used to dream of meeting the first collector. now listen to you. you've gone soft. what was it that made you lose your edge, hmm? was it that girl at the restaurant? oh, it was her, wasn't it? hmm. that's your weakness, women. first, that german girl, katrina,
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and now the waitress. this isn't about me. hmm, but it is, morgan. you've lost your way. you've become distracted from your destiny by a girl, a puny little mortal girl. you're kidding yourself, morgan. if she finds out who you are, she goes straight to hell. you can never have her... but you can have me. we're like gods, morgan, and gods get lonely. this is what i still feel. this is what's human about me.
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pym-- is that your real name? i get a new one every time he moves me.
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hmm. gervais... mine's gervais. i haven't said that name aloud in... almost 60 years. [ door opens ] [ cellphone ringing ] morgan, i... i'm going to be late for work. i thought you were coming down. sorry, i was delayed. can you come up to my apartment for just a second? okay.
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maya... your friend is still in my apartment. i made him a sandwich. [ elevator dings ] you know it was for the best, hmm?
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[ knocking ] is she gone? we only have a few hours left. have you thought about your balancing bad luck? i don't know, i don't know. think! could it be someone back in manila? i'm sorry, i just cannot stop thinking about the perralta boy. i don't even know if he's alive or dead. he was alive when we left. i'm sure his mother called for an ambulance. she won't. that's the point. none of them do anymore. what are you talking about? filipinos who've heard about my powers stop going to the doctors and wait for me to come to town. that's why derla santos and that boy were so sick. their families wouldn't take them to a hospital for conventional treatment. then you're right. we need to go see that boy before we do anything else. but...what about that woman, the collector? let me worry about sofia. what happened in here? it's like a bomb hit the place, and i can't believe you let gabe stay up so late. i spent all day tracking down the story of this dead guy, frankie fingers, a jewel thief, and everyone i meet
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tells me that he's had a string of good luck, 10 years to the day... and three people mention that there's this guy asking around about frankie a couple of days before me, but nobody knows his name, so then i finally find the place where frankie got hit by the car, and a woman who witnessed the accident tells me when frankie got hit, he just kept running and running and running, holding that big bag of jewelry like his life depended on it, and right there in the street, where he got hit... i found this. morgan pym. what are you going to do? i'm going to put gabe to bed. gabe. no.
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you did bring your son, right? he's in the car. he's been asleep since you left my house last night. he's dying. i'm sure of it. you've got to try again. mrs. perralta, felino will help your son, but he isn't going to do a psychic surgery. he's going to operate in the conventional way. what? no, i can't. the boy has a tumor in his liver, right? all that's required is a simple resection. felino is a medical doctor. he can cut out that section of the liver in a few hours in a bloodless surgery, and the liver will regenerate to its normal size in less than two months. is this true? in return for this operation, you have to agree to spread the word to others that felino is no longer a psychic surgeon. you have to tell them to seek conventional medical care for their families.
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i'll go get my son. i can't do this. last time i operated on someone, i killed him on the table. i know. a shotgun wound in the chest... i have some experience with those, and they're usually fatal. you were wrong to blame yourself when you didn't save that man. i appreciate that you have faith in me, but you're the only one who does. no. i'm not. they got you the operating room for two hours. it's all the time you've got. use it.
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[ door opens ] sorry we're late for the party. i guess our invitations must have got lost in the mail. i knew you didn't need one. bravo for getting escobar to overcome his fears,
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but it won't save his soul. this isn't up to you. it's up to sofia. you're wasting your time, morgan, and you always have been. you're not going to win your little bet with the devil. all you have to do is ask for escobar to go free if the operation succeeds. i don't care about escobar. i don't care about any of them. there was a time when you did care... sofia gervais. the french government archives say both your parents were nazi collaborators. that's a lie. my parents worked for the underground. when the nazis came to our village, they were going to kill my parents for helping the resistance. i sold my soul to help them. and you did it by turning them into collaborators. the simplest way is always the best. when the war was over, our friends in the village lynched my parents, and i still had eight years left on my deal. you asked me to save your parents
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from the nazis, sofia. when he came back to collect, i was waiting for him. and you fought back, like i did. i do like the feisty ones. for centuries, i hated myself for making a deal. i took it out on them, on the ones he sent me to collect, but it isn't their fault. they deserve a chance at redemption. we all do. he'll be fine. check your phone. well, a deal is a deal, sofia. you can ask to save him if you want to. oh, but just one little thing-- i didn't agree to give you exactly the same deal as morgan. if you let escobar off... you take his place. rules are rules, dear boy.
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you never mentioned he was cute. i can't believe gabe knew how to use the shredder. all my files on morgan pym are gone for good. why did he do it? come on, sis. you talk about the guy all the time, right in front of him. but gabe couldn't possibly know the kind of stuff that pym was involved in. this isn't about morgan pym. this is about gabe. he wants your time, your attention. he wants you back. it's late. i'd better go. bye. [ cellphone rings ] yeah.
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it's sofia. i've got a flight back to montreal tonight, so i... i wanted to give you a call. look, i'm sorry if you feel like... like i let you down. [ screeching ] [ screams ] anyway, i just wanted to call and say goodbye.
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